Thursday, 9 April 2015

What's Next? (3)

What's Next? Hosted by IceyBooks

What's Next? Is a cute little weekly feature hosted by IceyBooks, where you can get readers to help you decide what you should read next from your TBR.

Readers can rank the books, or just give their opinion on which was their favorite. If you want to join in head over to IceyBooks and link up your post :)

So I intend on participating in this feature monthly (rather than weekly) and posting 3-5 books at the start of the month which I'm interested in reading next. Instead of posting a synopsis, I'm  going to post the first sentence of each book as a teaser, and see which ones you guys vote for. You can also click the book which links back to the Goodreads synopsis. 

This Month

Anatomy of a Misfit

"Pedaling fast fast fast, this is the moment. One of those movie moments you never think is going to happen to you, but then it happens to you , and now it's here."
- Andrea Portes (Anatomy of a Misfit)

Gone Too Far

"Late. So late. I slam the car door behind me and race across the parking lot. My hair is tangled in the strap of my bag, my shoes are untied, and I have no idea how i'm going to get to my locker without getting caught."
- Natalie D. Richards (Gone Too Far)

After the End (After the End #1)

"I crouch low to the ground, pressing my back to the ancient spruce tree, and raise my crossbow in one hand."
- Amy Plum (After The End)

From the first lines of each book (or based on if you enjoyed them) which book should I read next?

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