Friday, 10 April 2015

First Impressions- TV Edition


So after a long awaited weekend off, I was left with the house to myself, and what better activity (besides reading) than to spend my time starting a new TV series.

I was first introduced to the Outlander book series a few years back when a close friend of mine was reading it and raving on about how good it was. However the premise didn't really grasp me. I had not developed a love of historical fiction back then and I stuck almost exclusively to YA. Plus the idea of a girl who goes back to 1700's just didn't at all sound appealing to a 19 year old me. However with the hype around the recently released TV series I thought I would give it a go. Gif's seem the way to go with expressing my emotions throughout the pilot. 

My First Impression

So I'm kind of excited...ok alot excited. Everyone keeps talking about this show.

Wow being a war time nurse looks intense and look at all that blood.

*Cough* Sexiness in a creepy dungeon looking room. It looks highly unsanitary. I feel weird for watching...but can't look away.

Oh Claire, don't go back to the stones. This can only end badly.

Franks's ancestor is a  (insert all manner of bad words here).

*Swoon* Accents just do it for me and Jaime you have one helluva accent.'s over already... Well let's snuggle up and marathon the rest.

Overall I really enjoyed the pilot of this series. I adore historical TV shows, but they always manage to break my spiritand cause all the feels (I'm looking at you 'Reign'). I feel like the actors were well matched to the characters. I've even been inspired to start reading the book series which is very close to the TV show, with quotes taken out to use as dialogue in the show. This is one I will definitly continue with, even if it does break my heart.  

Are you watching the show? Are you enjoying it? What was your first impression of it?


  1. I really enjoy the how as well! I actually read Outlander last month and then marathoned the episodes. I was so surprised by how closely it follows the book!

  2. I want to watch this so bad, but I want to read the book first! I've heard great things about both! (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  3. I love this series of books. My mom read them when I was growing up and I read them when I got older. They are so good! I hope you give reading them another chance. The show is really well done. I didn't like the casting for Jamie and Claire at first but they've grown on me. They're still not how I pictured them, but they're great in their parts. The show stays really close to the books, which makes me happy. And it's so pretty! And the accents! :D

    Vicarious Caytastrophe


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