Sunday, 30 October 2016

Halloween Movie Marathon

It only makes sense to celebrate the spooky month with some good old fashioned 'scary' movies. Now being the scaredy cat I am, most of these movies are pretty tame. You won't find any IT or Nightmare on Elm Street here. No sirree. 

My weekend is pretty empty (after spending the last two weekends driving all over the country), so I plan to be a couch potato after a busy week at work and literally make a nest on the couch. All I need are some snacks, a toasty blankie and of course my animals by my side in case I get 'too scared'. So without further adieu below are the movies I would love to watch this Halloween weekend. 

Johnny Depp

Family Friendly

What movies do you plan on watching this Halloween?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (29)

Nine Scary Books/Movies I Would Love To Read/Watch But Won't

(because I'm too chicken)

I am honestly the biggest sook when it comes to anything scary. I shy away from Horror movies at the slightest mention of gore and even attempt to hide behind my giant popcorn at the theater if there happens to be scary trailers prior to my intended movie. Below I've illlustrated a few of the reasons I will not be picking these up anytime soon.

House Of Leaves by  
While the premise is interesting, I know it will mess with my mind, and the mind is a delicate thing you know.

Haunted by  
 While I'm sure a great writer, Chuck manages to create things I wouldn't even dream could be written about (I read one of the shorts from 'Haunted' as a teen; 'Guts'. Typically it was one of those things that went around high-school and lets just say masturbation stories gone wrong aren't my jam)

The Omen by 
 I would like to have children one day and not be paranoid about them.

Pet Semetary/ Cujo/  in General
 I have animals and would like to not be paranoid about them. Also there are a few of his books I wouldn't mind reading but overall...NOPE.

Hannibal Series by  

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