All HTML that has been done, in addition to what the blogger template has provided was done by myself. 
I take no credit for any of the photography provided on this blog. All photography has credits associated/ will link back to it's original source.

Photography featured in blog header and blog button originally by ShadowsOfTheDay @DA

Photography featured on My book Boyfriend originally  by Camerakarrie

Photography featured on Book Trailer Thursday originally by  Lel4and 

Photography featured on Stacking the Shelves originally by Phil Roeder

Photography featured on Monthly Challenge originally by Simon Cocks

Media Icons used on the home page designed by Pure Imagination Blog

Teacups used for book review ratings designed by Harridan@DA


  1. Where did you find the cute tea cups for your ratings? They're adorable!

    1. I actually can't remember where I found them and can't seem to find a credit for it on my computer :( I feel bad that I haven't put credit it for it on this page, so I might change it if I can't find the original creator.


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