Monday, 2 February 2015

January Wrap-Up

So not a great start to the year with only 2 books completely finished and reviewed in January. But I feel like at the moment I'm trying to find a happy medium between work and blogging and still trying to get a good mix of both in. I also managed to catch up on some old reviews, which meant I got at least one review posted up a week, which I was happy with.


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Of Beast and BeautyA Really Awesome Mess

In the Middle of

At Any Price (Gaming the System, #1)The F- It List

Of Beast and Beauty was a retelling of one of my all time favourite fairytales, Beauty and the Beast. It definitely had a unique twist on the original tale, which I enjoyed and got a 4/5 stars.  A Really Awesome Mess, ended up not being quite what I was expecting, but still a decent read. It deals with mental illness, but not in an overly dramatic way. It was light and funny, but if your after a book with a more serious look into mental health this probably won't be your cup of tea.

The one's I'm in the middle of will be first up for February. At Any Price, I'm around 60% through and really enjoying so far, and hoping to finish this week. I only just started The F*** It List, but it seems like it's going to be a quick read.

Up Next In February 

This month my hours will be dropping a bit (Yay no more 12 day straights!!), so I'll hopefully be able to do a bit more reading. I'd really like to read at least a book week, and get on top of some of my challenges for this year.

InterWorld (Interworld, #1)Rebel Belle (Rebel Belle, #1)Saga, Volume 3 (Saga #13-18)


I am in love with the Saga graphic novels, I read the first two last year and have been biding my time util I could get my hands on the next in the series. I'm super excited to read this one. It also inspired me to read more graphic novels which I did last year. Rebel Belle was one of the 2014 releases that I really wanted to read but didn't get around too, so I've bumped it up my TBR and aim to read it this month. I heard about Interworld while watching a video from one of my favourite booktubers (here), and I was instantly captured by the plot. Plus who doesn't love some Neil Gaiman. 

What books did You read in the Month of January?  Which was your favorite? 

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  1. Great post! I've added The F It List through a recommendation from a friend on Goodreads but I haven't read it yet :( I really want to read Rebel Belle because I've heard great things. I want to read Saga but I'm a little wary of the "mature content" of it :( Hope you have a nice day :)


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