Monday, 4 May 2015

April Wrap-Up

April was a busy month for me. I graduated last month with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing so I can officially put those little symbols next to my name Yay! I managed to read 4 books which is kind of become my default amount for a month. This month I'm hoping to boost it up to 5 but we'll see. Blogging wise April was a little sporadic, hopefully I'll be a bit more regular with my posts this month.


Anatomy of a MisfitThe Avery Shaw ExperimentThe MercilessConfess
All the books I picked up were really good. Confess buy Colleen Hoover was my 5 star read of the month (Review to come soon). All the others though very different from each other were 4 stars. Avery Shaw, was a great light and funny read to finish the month off with. The Merciless was intense and completely different from what I was a good way.(My full review can be found here). Anatomy of a Misfit was a great book to start the month with but also broke my heart with that ending.

Up Next In May

I've been in a super contemporary mood lately, and my choices for May reflect this. I'm keen to continue on with the Sea Breeze Novels, with the second in the series Because of Low. I like that these novels are companion books, and feature different protagonists in each one, but still providing some insight into previous characters lives. Plus they make for great light reads. I've been meaning to read To all The Boys I've Loved Before for a long time (pretty much since it was released), and now with the release of the second book in the series there's no reason not to. Unmaking Hunter Kennedy, was suggested to me after reading The Avery Shaw Project (which I adored) as it has a similar theme and feel to it. 

Because of Low (Sea Breeze, #2)To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)Unmaking Hunter Kennedy


Other Favourites

Music wise I am loving Ray Lamontagne's album 'Gossip in the Grain'. His music is quite hard to describe but it's reminiscent of old school blues and soul singers like Otis Redding. If you're keen try one of his more upbeat songs 'You are the Best Thing.' A great album if your in a soulful mood.

I am also enjoying the 3rd season of Breaking Bad at the moment. I took a little break from it but I'm getting back into it. I can't say it's as good as the first 2 seasons, but it's still enjoyable. I also joined Netflix last month, so I feel a lot more telly time is in my future. 

GTA V is my game of choice for April and May. I've only clocked about 30% of it so far. But I really like the ability to switch between the characters, and how the characters lives all contribute to plot advancement and intertwine. The graphics are superb, and it's a great way to relieve pent up stress after a crap day at work...nothing like hijacking a car and driving like a maniac to get some rage out of my system . 

What books did You read in the Month of March?  Which was your favorite? 


  1. Oh I love the Avery Shaw Experiment! It's so adorable. I've been wanting to read Unmaking Hunter Kennedy as well -hope you enjoy it! And I really want to read Confess as well.

    1. Confess was pretty good. Colleen Hoover never seems to disappoint me.
      Avery Shaw, was so much more than I expected (I don't really think the cover does it justice!.) It was just so cute and funny and exceeded my expectations.


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