Monday, 20 January 2014

New Year, New Goals! 

So it's midway through January and I'm finally getting around to writing down my reading goals of 2014. I hope you all had a great Christmas (and didn't put on too much weight) and New Year (and didn't require to much recovery.) 

So this afternoon I was reviewing my book goals for last year and I actually think that I did Ok. My main goal was to read 50 books which I surpassed and read 53 which was an accomplishment for me since I'm such a slow reader and in previous years only managed 35 books.

As for my other goals I didn't manage to finish as many series as I was hoping and I also didn't finish books starting with all 26 letters of the alphabet for the A-Z challenge (I managed 18) but overall I still feel satisfied with what I managed :) So without further ado, lets get onto this years goals...

  • Become less sporadic and more consistent in my blogging. I really hope to write one review a week, and participate in one feature a week, along with the occasional book haul.
  • Read 35 books. I've lowered my goal this year even though I managed 50 last year, mostly due to the fact that this year is my final year of University and I really want to do as well as I did this year. However the number is subject to change especially since I've started the year off quite well :)
  • Participate again in the A-Z challenge and try to better my result from last year which was 18/26. 

And just cause I can I've shared some of my non-reading goals too:

  • Learn to play the Drums and Ukulele fluently. I started last year, but really haven't had much time to dedicate to getting better, and I've always wanted to learn to play instruments.
  • Lastly to finish the year up with a degree in Veterinary Nursing and Animal Welfare and hopefully with good grades and a job waiting for me at the end.
  • Stay active and go to the gym 4/7 days of the week. I'm hoping to loose some weight, which I have slowly accumulated over the last couple of years. My overall goal is to reach 65kg.

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  1. those are really great goals! I have a bunch of book goals and a similar gym goal as well. I'm getting married in October, so I have until then to complete my weightloss/gym goal (: Good luck with yours!!


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