Sunday, 3 January 2016

Challenging myself in 2016

Although I didn't achieve quite what I wanted out of my 2015 challenges. I've decided to go ahead and join up some challenges for 2016. Firstly I've extended my Goodreads challenge from 50 books to 75 this year, which is quite a step up for me. However it is one of my resolutions to make more time for reading and to spend less time on meaningless activities, which I ultimately derive less fulfillment from. For example Facebook and other social media and the internet in general, which I can spend hours on and literally manage to achieve nothing. 

I've also signed up for a few other challenges to work towards this year, which can be found below.

Flights Of Fantasy 2016

My Goal: 10 Books

I had good fun with this challenge last year and it was one of the few I actually completed, so I'm going for the same goal again this year.

Completed: 0/10

2016 Audiobook Challenge

My Goal: 5 Books

I've never really gotten into audiobooks before, but I have a much longer commute this year so audiobooks will be a great way to keep entertained when stuck in traffic. 

Completed: 0/5

2016 TBR Pile Challenge

My Goal: 20 Books

There are a lot of 2014 and 2015 releases that I have on  backlog, which I really want to get to this year. If I can cross just 20 off my list I'll be stoked!

Completed: 0/10

What challenges are you participating in for 2016? 


  1. Great challenges :) I might participate in the audiobook challenge as I love listening to them! Great Post :)


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