Thursday, 6 March 2014

Review- Fire with Fire (Burn for Burn#2)  
Lillia, Kat, and Mary had the perfect plan. Work together in secret to take down the people who wronged them. But things didn’t exactly go the way they’d hoped at the Homecoming Dance.
Not even close.

For now, it looks like they got away with it. All they have to do is move on and pick up the pieces, forget there ever was a pact. But it’s not easy, not when Reeve is still a total jerk and Rennie’s meaner than she ever was before.

And then there’s sweet little Mary…she knows there’s something seriously wrong with her. If she can’t control her anger, she’s sure that someone will get hurt even worse than Reeve was. Mary understands now that it’s not just that Reeve bullied her—it’s that he made her love him.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, burn for a burn. A broken heart for a broken heart. The girls are up to the task. They’ll make Reeve fall in love with Lillia and then they will crush him. It’s the only way he’ll learn.

It seems once a fire is lit, the only thing you can do is let it burn...


My Review

I was apprehensive to say the least when picking up Fire with Fire. The ending to the first book in the series Burn for Burn, left me shell shocked and more than a little disappointed. Not because the ending lacked a dramatic climax (trust me this was not the case), but rather the introduction of supernatural elements which I just couldn’t wrap my head around.

However I digress, as for Fire with Fire this novel really brought everything together for me. Many of the unanswered questions left at the end of Burn for Burn were answered (kind of), and the supernatural features made much more sense (although I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of them).

I find that the writers work well together, with the story moving smoothly with a continuous writing style, even while being told from 3 multiple perspectives. The voices of the 3 main characters are distinct without being disjointed.

There were certain perspectives I enjoyed more than others. Lilliah’s parts were more interesting to me, because she was the main character taking part in the groups ‘new’ revenge plot which I found delightfully devious. Mary’s story I found dull to start off with, as she seemed to be dealing with the same emotional issues as the first book, and just couldn’t seem to move on with her life. However her story really picked up near the end, and left me standing with my jaw to the floor. Needless to say, the next book needs to be in my hands pronto, so I can find out what the hell is going on, and how everything sums up in the end.

I would definitely suggest this to anyone who likes a book that isn’t your normal predictable YA series. This book definitely keeps you on your toes and guessing what the hell is going to happen next!

My rating: 5/5


  1. I liked this one slightly better than Burn for Burn... except I knew what Mary's secret was from the start and that was kind of disappointing. I wish it was more hidden. I can't wait for Ashes to Ashes... I totally love these 2 authors writing together, they are a great team!

    1. I had an idea of what Mary's secret might be, but I thought it was too far fetched lol but they went there. I really want to know how they're going to wrap it all up though, because I still have so many questions! I agree, the authors work well together. I hate reading books my multiple authors, where you can tell who is writing which part. It just makes the story seem so mismatched. Thanks for stopping by :)


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