Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Blog Update + 4x Reviews

 No I’m not dead... but I had you fooled didn’t I? Sorry for the recent AWOL status. The last couple weeks have been madly hectic. I’ve been travelling, both on Holiday and also to visit relatives, moved house, and been applying to go back to school (and all the nuisances that go along with that).No need to mention it’s been pretty stressful, but hopefully things are back on track :)

So anyway I thought since I’ve read quite a few books over the last couple weeks and I’m too lazy to go writing full reviews of each, I’d do a catch-up post with a few short paragraphs covering the highs and lows of the books that have graced my presence recently. So here it goes....

FOREVER                                                             My Rating:4/5                     
I thought this was the perfect ending to the series. I like that the author didn’t try and drag it out into more books like many authors do today. My one pet peeve for this book is the last line. I actually thought there had been a page ripped out for about 30 seconds until I realised that what I had read was the actual ending. It is very much left up to interpretation about what may happen from there. There is no cut and dry, happy or sad ending. You can imagine it how you want, which was a nice touch (although a little frustrating). 

                  NAOMI and ELY’s NO KISS LIST   
                My rating: 5/5                                                        
This book contains a crap-load of POV from many different characters, which I didn’t know going into it. I felt that some of the POV’s really weren’t worth the time, since they didn’t add much to the overall plot and detracted away from the story of the main characters. (I also really HATED they way NAOMI wrote in her chapters, that shit pisses me off!) However, despite my grumblings. I liked the fact that both Naomi and Ely’s characters developed and matured by the end of the story. Naomi realised that regardless of her fantasies her and Ely would never be together, and accepted this moving on with her life. And Ely, learnt how to sustain an adult relationship.                                                                     

THE FUTURE OF US                                                      My rating: 5/5
I completely fell in love with this book! It was a little on the junior side, and the idea could have been executed a little better, but something about it just drew me in. I’ve always wondered about my own future and how it will turn out and secretly I think everyone wishes they could just log on and find out, altering aspects they wanted to change. I found it fascinating how small choices the characters made in the book, transformed their futures dramatically, and it brings to mind how in the real world every decision you make affects your future in some way. The 90’s references were a nice touch and I got a kick out of them, being a 90’s baby myself. Overall a fun, enjoyable read, which makes me think about the choices I make.  

             My rating: 3/5
It was nice to read a YA supernatural book without vampires and werewolves for once. Having Reapers as the main race (?) was very refreshing. I did have some issues with the pacing of the book. However being the first book in the series, there was a lot of world building involved along with character relationships, and a structured plot didn’t really develop until the last half. For many this would be a deal breaker, but the book managed to hold my attention till the very end. I look forward to reading the next in the series.                      

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