Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OMG My Boyfriend is Amazeballs

Ok so to start off, I went on a mini hiatus. Real life, pretty much got the better of me and I had no time to get on here and update. However I am now back...hopefully for good. :D So anyway back to the origin of the post... So my partner and I will be moving back in with my parents soon (oh joy!). We've been flatting for the last few months, but since life likes 'ripping me a new one' whenever things seem to be going well, we've hit a slight snag in the form of my recent unemployment. Hence I cannot afford to contribute to rent. Even though my wonderful partner has offered to financially support me so we can stay where we are, I feel that that isn't fear and would rather save money by moving back in with the old 'rents. 

Now despite how depressing this may seem (and trust me it is), my partner has decided to fully redecorate my old room before we move back. So 'bye bye' pink walls and frilly Hello Kitty decorative pillows, and welcome paradise of reading..... 

Yes, you guessed it. My Amazeballs partner has drawn up plans to build me a bookcase of a similar nature. After the shitty lemons life has been throwing me at the moment, this honestly made my day.

I'm not really one for material possessions and I have a perverse obsession with anything secondhand, antique or hand made. So this is the ultimate Christmas gift. I love that he knows me so well!

Ps. Sorry for this almost completely unrelated book post. But sometimes a girl needs a rant, especially when something good happens.

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