Wednesday, 6 December 2017

November Wrap Up


Paper Girls, Vol. 3 (Paper Girls, #3) Incarnate (Newsoul, #1) Holes What to Say Next
This latest episode of Paper Girls was kind of weird, I definitely was left with more questions than answers again, and I'm intrigued how its all going to come together as some stage (or if it ever does?)

Of course because its coming to the end of the year, I decide its a good time to start another series with Incarnate (instead of finishing the piling list I have). It's got some interesting ideas about reincarnation which are pretty unique and the story was pretty good if a little lagging sometimes. Holes, was my favorite book of the month. It got me out of my reading slump as it always does. One of my favorite childhood books. 

What to Say Next was also a great read this month, about an unlikely friendship between a popular girl whose recently lost her father and the 'odd' boy at school who has Aspergers. Very sweet and funny, but also addressing the cruelty of others for being 'different'. 

Up Next In December

I have high hopes for my reading in December. I'm taking annual leave in a few weeks till early January so I'm hoping to dedicate some of my time to finishing my Goodreads challenge, amongst all the Chrsitmas prep and holiday madness. So far on my list I have. 

    Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3) The Upside of Unrequited Kiss Kill Vanish  

Asunder (Newsoul, #2) Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #3)

Other Updates 

I really enjoyed using my bullet journal this year to document all my crazy lists and notes. I was good at updating these things throughout the year, but I was quite bad at setting up each month for everyday life tracking and planning. 

Unfortunately that also means I'm left with a whole bunch of empty pages in my bullet journal which seems like a waste. I think next year I am going to revert back to a planner for everyday use for my tasks, and use a smaller moleskine journal for my fun list making and goalsetting etc. 

For those of you who used bullet journals, how did you find them? Any adjustments for next year?

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