Thursday, 2 February 2017

Top Ten Tuesday (30)

Top Favorite Graphic Novels/Comics

I have been waiting a really long time for a topic like this to come about, so I'm super buzzed to share with you guys some of my favorite graphic novels/ comics.

I am a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughn and highly recommend his Saga series and Y-Man series (you can find my review of it here). I also like his new graphic novel Papergirls, but I haven't had the chance to fully immerse myself into it, although I think the story has a lot of potential. Giant Days is a great series if your at college and want something lighthearted and relatable. The unlikely trio of friends are always a good laugh. In Real Life, was an amazing eye opening comic, that was so much more than I was expecting (my review can be found here).

Lastly, BTOOOM is the epitome of everything I want in a manga. It has a Hunger Games vibe, but with 1000x more violence and some scenes that definitely made me feel uncomfortable. If you want something a little rougher and more volatile, this would be a great one to pick up.

Honorable Mentions

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