Sunday, 12 July 2015

Reading Slumps: Tips and Tricks

So I’ve recently been in a HUGE reading slump. Last month I only read two books, one of which was a graphic novel. Not to mention this month I haven’t read any books. So what is the best way to get out of a reading slump?? Here are some suggestions I’ve encountered around the web, to help myself and any of you get out of a reading slump.

1) Find a new Setting

For me there is nothing like reading in my warm snuggly bed at night. But sometimes a break in the regular schedule and scenery can help. Try reading at the local café with a hot brew, or in a nice secluded place with a beautiful view.

2) Leaving it up to chance

For me part of the problem when being in a reading slump is not being able to choose a book I want to read. So sometimes using a random number generator to pick a book for you off your TBR, is a great way to choose a book that you may not have thought about reading for a long time, but that you were once super keen to read.

3) Don’t think of reading Slumps as a bad Thing

I know we all love books, so when we suddenly aren’t as interested in reading it’s kind of a shock.
But think of it as time which can be spent doing other things you love or have wanted to try. It could be the perfect moment to marathon that new TV series, get crafty, do some baking or join up a new hobby. For me this is definitely the case at the moment. Since I haven’t been reading as much, I have been watching a LOT more telly. But I have also been much more active, going to the gym, ice skating, playing netball and going to trampolining worlds for fun exercise.

4) Switch up the genre

We all have our specific genres that we’ll normally stick to. Whether it be YA, urban fantasy, adult or erotica. Sometimes it’s a good idea to switch it up every once and a while and step out of your comfort zone. While the majority of the time I read YA, I am a fan of Jodi Picoult’s work and at least once a year I’ll read one of her books, which are usually quite emotionally involved but it helps break up the monotony of the same genre.

5) Go back to the favourites

When in doubt, there is nothing like going back to a childhood favourite book and re-reading it. When you’ve already read a book, there is a certain ease to just enjoying the story and not wondering where it goes, and what this characters motive is etc. You can just sit back, in the comfort that you know it’s all going to have a happy ending. 

Overall, be comforted by the thought that you’re more than likely going to go back to reading at some point. It may not be tomorrow, but deep down books are part of your life, and you know you’ll reunite at some point.

If you have any great suggestions for getting out of a reading slump, I would love to here them :)

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